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Marc Chagall - the promenade 1917

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During the winter of 1917-18, soon after painting the Vitebsk landscapes, Chagall created three of his most famous figurative compositions: Over the Town, and The Promenade. They too were painted in Vitebsk, and show that exuberant zest for living which went hand in hand with the new phase of artistic accomplishment he had achieved. To that must be added the political atmosphere - the exhilarating sense of freedom and optimism generated by the October Revolution, which had just taken place. For the Jews the revolution meant true liberation; at last they were entitled to the same full rights as every other citizen of the state. Humiliations such as the young Chagall had experienced during his studies in St. Petersburg, where Jews were allowed to stay only with a special residential permit, were now out of the question. And, as an artist, Chagall belonged to the avant-garde, which had everything to gain from these revolutionary changes. In addition, there was the happiness with Bella to put a golden glow on life despite the many adverse circumstances of the outside world.

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Image Size: 169.6 x 163.4 cm
Painting Style Expressionism
Musee Location St. Petersburg. The Russian Museum
Frame Type Purchasing without a frame (unstreched canvas)
primary art material Canvas
Product Type Giclee Print

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